Best tent for a family of 6

So you’re interested in buying an air tent.

You’ve come to the right place to get some real and honest information. I bought one and loved it so much i have decided to tell you about my experience.

As a couple with 4 children, we wanted to invest in a tent.

The idea of being able to ‘load up’ the car at a moments notice was discussed along with the notion that when the sun’s shining we need to be able to quickly take advantage of it.

best tent for a family of 6

In the right conditions, camping with family can create some exciting and memorable moments. Our children love the outdoors and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences camping around the UK.

best air tent

I ordered our Berghaus Air 6 tent after reading extensive reviews, probably i imagine like you have been doing.

This easy to put up tent was ready in minutes.

Your guide to the best tent for a 6 person family

So what exactly is an air tent?

Well many traditional tents involve constructing a frame that either feeds through or is built around the denier flysheet of the tent.

Although these tents can be very sturdy and completely adequate, it is often laborious and time consuming.

Many an argument has been had between couples discussing which way round the tent goes or which pole attaches to which angle and so on…i’m sure you can picture the scene.

tents for a family of 6 people

After camping several times with this Berghaus we are now convinced this is is the best tent for a family of 6 and made the right choice.

Pros -It comes in a convenient bag.

Pros – Complete with wheels and handles to help pull into position.

Cons – The bag was a little larger than I first thought it would be.

It kind of looks like a very large suitcase and measures in at 86cm x 48cm and weighs over 26kg, so make sure you have plenty of room to transport it.

air 6 carry bag

Of course after I bought it I put the tent up straight away.

I wanted to have a look at our new purchase to see how big it was and also to check there was no sign of damage before actually going camping.

As soon as it was fully up we could see that it was the best tent for a family of 6 like ours.

Speed & Convenience

berghaus stirrup pump

The Berghaus Air 6 comes with a dual action stirrup pump and if you follow the instructions that are also included you will soon realise just how good these types of tents are.

Make sure you have a big enough space and position your air tent as desired. Remember that you’re going to roll out the tent from its packed state. Once fully rolled out you can then peg in all four corners

The Air 6 has 5 tubes. A central larger tube and 2 at either end. All that is needed is simply connect the stirrup pump to the valves and blow the tubes up to 4-7 psi.

best tent for a 6 person family

The instructions tell you to start with the middle tube and work your way out at either end.

Once the tubes have the correct amount of air in simply screw in the cap to stop the air escaping and voila. Like me you’re bound to squeeze the tubes and they are rock hard.

They certainly feel as though the tent will remain in situ and not cause any problems.

buy air tent

At this point you can really see why this is the best tent for a 6 person family.

Not only does it look beautiful but the speed in which it is put up and also the size of the tent once up really is remarkable.

Don’t forget your only ever going to get quicker so the time putting up the Berghaus Air 6 Tent will get much faster.

Other campers looked on impressed. One said ‘that’s clearly the way ahead’.

Like most tents the next step is securing the numerous guy ropes. These are a yellow fluorescent colour, presumably so people don’t trip up on them as much.

There’s the option of securing a small rainhood over the doorway and as far as setting up the air 6 that is it. Little time spent, no fuss, no arguments and no confusing instructions.

Inside you’ll continue to see why the Berghaus Air 6 still impresses and why I consider it one of, if not the, best tents for a 6 person family.

With 2 sleeping compartments (1 at each end) and ample living space in the centre this tent is quite simply a cut above.

Even the tallest of campers will find there’s plenty of space to stand as the height of the living are is 217cm.

best family air tent
The air 6 has 2 x bedroom areas

Each sleeping area has an inner sheet that can be zipped open and closed.

There are numerous pockets for storage which prove very useful and handy.

Each end has a window which can be secured open or closed.

The children had an inflatable roll mat each as well as sleeping bags.

The space they had was very generous and proved to be no problem. The dimensions of each bedroom compartment is 230cm x 210cm.

Looking for the best tent for a 6 person family? – Choose the Berghaus Air 6

In the main living area of the air 6 are 2 doorways and 2 windows.

The doorways can either be closed with a see through mesh type material or can be fully secured with zips. We set up a table and had 2 fold away chairs in our living area.

Of course this is personal preference however we had more than enough room along with some of our bags.

The total tent dimensions are 730cm x 250cm.

Berghaus air 6 living area
The Berghaus air 6 living area.

Cons of this tent? Packing

Any good review will point out any negativity. If there is any drawback about air tents then the only issue I can see is when it comes to packing away.

To successfully put the tent back into its carry case then obviously it needs folding up in the appropriate way. To do this all of the air needs to be released from the tubes.

Before doing this I recommend opening all the windows and flaps. This will assist you when folding up the tent.

To start off all you need to do is unscrew the valves and press the inner spring loaded quick release valve button. This will immediately start to expel the air.

Then you need to begin to start pushing the air from one side of the tent towards the valve. There are numerous ways of doing this.

Lean down and push with your hands, walk on it or get the kids to roll on it, remembering to always push the air out.

Once satisfied you have as much air out as possible begin to fold in the ends and fold up the tent as best as possible.

A handy tip is put the storage bag next to the tent itself to better judge the size it needs to be folded down.

buy air tent

I have managed to do this by myself however It’s handy to get at least one other person to help out and use a technique of folding / rolling the tent whilst the other person continues to push air out.

This 6 person air tent don’t forget is a big piece of kit and although it may take you a few attempts, the more you do it the quicker it will be done.

Another tip is when you first take it out of its bag, take note of how it was folded.

Give yourself even more space

There are of course some optional extras for this easy to put up tent. Although it comes with a built in ground sheet i’m a huge fan of having an extra layer.

There is a sheet available to buy that fits to the exact size of the Air 6. Of course this needs pegging out too.

An extra sheet underneath will provide protection from the ground and also let less of the cold in during the night.

There is also a porch which attaches to the doorway.

A porch is good way of keeping dirty boots and wellies away from the main living area and bedroom compartments.

Porches are very handy although some see them as a bit of unnecessary luxury,  however they can be very useful.

Why choose Berghaus?

We really do think this is the best tent for a 6 person family like ours. We have long trusted Berghaus products and believe they are as good as any name when it comes to outdoor products.

The air 6 belongs to a family of tents in the ‘air’ range.

For smaller families take a look at the Berghaus air 4 or for even more people make sure you check out the Berghaus air 8.

Buying an inflatable air tent will take some consideration. They are an innovative product and feature some of the very best and latest technology which can be reflected in the price.

If damaged the air tubes can be replaced and because we are so impressed with the tent we think the purchase was an real investment, which the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

buy air tent

Full Berghaus air 6 Product description

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