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Lost between multiple choices?

Enough of the endless background checks and the confusion set in bias reviews.

At the end of this post, you’re able to take a guided purchase decision and ultimately walk away with the best 4 man inflatable tent for your next camping escapade.

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Can’t Spare The 10 Minutes? See My Best Overall

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent, Grey, Size 400

This draws the line, gives you the experience of setting up an air beam tent against the regular fiberglass poled tents for camping.

Think spaciousness, durability, stability, light weightiness, and ease of erection. Vango beats the competition, hands down, in those areas though at a heavy price.

It’s completely waterproofed and makes sleeping in it more comfortable at night, thanks to the integrated darkroom feature.

What’s Great?

  • Packs a lot of space
  • Easy to erect, fold, and store away
  • Durable, stable, and secure
  • Comfortable and water-resistant

Want to see the complete list?

My A-List Of The Best 4 Man Air Tent For YOU

  • Best Overall; Vango Airbeam Portland Tent, Grey, Size 400
  • Runner Up; IHUNIU 4 Person Inflatable Tent
  • Best Luxury; Vango Capri 400 Tent, Extra Large, Herbal
  • Best Low Price; Easy Camp 4 Person Tornado

Great. Huhn? See the uniqueness of each below.

Best 4 Man Inflatable Tents- Products Review

Apparently, you have a lot of choices to pick from on the market.

The truth reveals itself that the good tents out there are limited in number only after you might have been disappointed by tens of brands.

While most of the available designs don’t live up to promise, others appear to be great on first use only to end up useless the second day.

To save you the headaches and to secure that your money is spent wisely, I have reviewed each of the 4 best brands available.

See what each is best for and when you do spot the one that aligns with your camping needs, go for it. Happy camping!

Best Overall; Vango Airbeam Portland Tent, Grey, Size 400

If your camping weekend falls into the raining season, this may be the best for you. Though an all-weather-ready tent, I am especially recommending Vango for its high waterproof and wind-resistance.

For all first-timers and beginners, setting up Vango is the easiest, thanks to an intuitive design and the air beam structure that allows pole free pitching.

Another great side to it is this. Vango offers a link-in-groundsheet feature that holds both tent and groundsheet in one piece. This secures your safety from bugs while ensuring privacy for 4 campers.

The diamond clear windows invite natural illumination during the day whilst opening up to ventilation when needed at a great angle. Did I mention the additional space for your camping items and even for your dogs? See why and why not to love Vango below.

vango best overall air tent

Why I Love It

  • Inner tent pocket storage for touches
  • Easy to set up in a matter of minutes
  • Sentinel active material for durability
  • 100% comfort and security
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant tent
  • Ideal for camping on a windy mountainside
  • Comes with a storage bag

Why it’s Not Too Great

  • A tad over the regular price

Runner Up; IHUNIU 4 Person Inflatable Tent

For your picnic, hiking, camping, and for your weekend beaching, this may be all you need for cozy privacy. IHUNIU is a pop-up tent that comes with a dedicated pumping system for easy pitching.

Just pump the air-frame and all your camping accessories can take up the extra space after four beds are arranged in it. IHUINIU is also ideal for touring, festivals, and even in a survival camp.

Though it shares the same level of security with Vango Airbeam, IHUNIU won’t provide as much natural lightning with its mesh windows unlike the glass in Vango.

Nevertheless, IHUNIU offers more views from the interior. Add to that the easy entrance with a mesh blinding. This is a ventilation-wise tent with good security for 3 to 4 persons.

Together with the windproof ropes, anti-moistures, TPU inner material, and PU2000 glues strip material, IHUNIU is built to last and to offer dry interior for comfortable night rest.

IHUNIU, INC. 3-4 Person air tent

Why I Love It

  • Free handpump for easy pitching
  • Wind ropes for wind resistance
  • Heavy-duty zips
  • Inner tent pockets for additional storage
  • Large entrance with mesh blinding
  • Smart price point for a 4-season tent
  • Ideal for all camping purposes

Why It’s Not Too Great

  • Less natural lightning

Best Luxury 4 Person Tent; Vango Capri 400 Tent

If you’re guiding your purchase decision more by space, this is for you. Vango Capri 400 tent may be recommended for 4 person camping, it accommodates up to 7 adults with no difficulty.

In my opinion, this is the only tent at a considerably low price point that offers the best traffic in it. It boasts a reasonably high ceiling above ground level for free movements on the inside.

Meanwhile, to eliminate the vulnerability of high CG tents, Vango Capri integrates a tension band system that keeps it in performance in adverse conditions.

Finally, this tent adds more natural illumination than any other on the list. Give that credit to the extra-large windows covered with diamond-clear PVC and privacy curtains on top of that.

vango air tent for your family

Why I Love It

  • Segmented tent spaces with inner chambers
  • Maximum visibility
  • TBS II system for stability against wind
  • Comes with ports for electricity setup
  • Quality build material
  • A spacious tent at a steal price


  • Bulky
  • Not ideal for hot weather

Best Low For Low Budget; Easy Camp 4 Person Tornado 400 Air Tent

This is for your 120 bucks budget. As the name suggests, Easy Camp 4 Person Tornado is a super-easy tent to set up, fold up, and equally easy to store away.

It spots 2 pumping points that allow for fast inflation by 2 individuals. And what I really love about it is that you can easily detach the groundsheet after use unlike its counterparts with a fix groundsheet.

And giving that the tent is divided into two chambers, it’s possible to leave a side deflated during your solo camping. Quite versatile.

Overall, if you want to make a good investment of your low budget, this is the 4 person tent for your camping escapade.

easy camp tornado air tent low budget

Why I Love It

  • Two sides inflation, fast and easy
  • A versatile tent can be used on a solo camping while minimizing space
  • The groundsheet is detachable
  • Lightweight, easy to travel with
  • Durable material
  • Pocket storage

Why It’s Not So Great

  • Not ideal for cold weather


So far, I have reviewed 4 front-liners among the best 4 man inflatable tents on the market.

I believe you have found the one for your camping needs.

You may get more recommendations in the comment box if you’d rather.

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